Patient Info

Patient Info

New Patient Procedure

Except for emergency problems requiring immediate treatment, patients are initially seen for a thorough examination and diagnosis. Before dental disease can be prevented, any active disease must be eliminated. This can only be done if we know what conditions are present. X-rays of your mouth and jaws, casts of your teeth, and a complete examination help us to discover if any breakdown has occurred. Not only are the teeth, bones and soft tissues examined for any evidence of disease, but an evaluation is made of the interrelationship between the teeth, the temporomandibular joints and associated muscles.

This thorough examination enables us to develop a long-range plan that is essential for a healthy and functional future. While it is important that a dentist diagnoses any conditions in your mouth and jaws, it is far more important that you understand what conditions are present and what options you have, so that you may intelligently plan your future.

Dental Insurance

We are happy that many of our patients have insurance to help defray the cost of their dentistry. Since it is our office policy that the patient have full responsibility for payment of the fee, financial arrangements must be made before treatment is started and provide for completion of payment by the time treatment is concluded.

To expedite reimbursement of your benefits, the following procedures are followed by our office. It is not necessary for patients to bring a blank insurance form, as all insurance statements are made on the universally used “UNI CLAIM FORM” which is accepted by all carriers. This insurance form is provided after each dental procedure or series of procedures. The patient then completes their portion of the form and submits it to their carrier. In all instances, we require that the CARRIER DIRECTLY REIMBURSE THE PATIENT.

Our fees are the same, regardless of whether a patient has insurance. Should a question arise concerning the amount to be paid by the insurance carrier for a particular service, it must be handled directly between the patient and his carrier. Of course we will provide any pertinent information to the carrier.

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